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  • We value your information and abide by the Personal Information Protection Act. Personal information collected through product/recruitment/other inquiries is used for the purpose of providing optimal services, and only the necessary information will be collected.
  • 1. Purpose and type of personal information collected
  • - Purpose of collection: To provide consultations and process products/recruitment/other inquiries.
  • - Collected items:
  • 1) Product inquiries
  • - Company name, Name, E-mail
  • 2) Hiring inquiries
  • - Name, E-mail
  • 3) Other inquiries
  • - Name, E-mail
  • 2. Storage period of collected personal information
  • Personal information will be stored up to one year after consent is provided. The information will be destroyed without delay after a year. However, if required by relevant laws, it may be preserved for a certain period as specified by law.
  • 3. Your right to refuse collection of personal information
  • The owner of the information has the right to refuse to consent to the collection of personal information. However, the refusal may restrict the provision of services. If consent is not given, information will not be collected.
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