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Stretching & Chiropractic Strengthening Chair
Traction Therapy

Stretching the spinal muscles and ligament using the body weight

Air Massage

Air massage with AI-controlled massage techniques of trained health professionals

High frequency vibration

The effect of gently releasing tight and tight muscles through the vibration of the feet

Hip Massage

Improve various symptoms by massaging the hips, one of the most important parts of the body


Traction Therapy

Using the weight of the human body scientifically, the head is tilted down with the feet up, and the feet are automatically fixed, pulling the lower body and spine down with the force of weight and gravity to stretch the muscles and ligaments around the spine. The function is effective in preventing and treating Herniation(herniated) of Inter-Vertebral Disc by reducing the load on the vertebral(spine) joints.

Air Massage

The Air cell, which consist of 6 sets of neck, shoulder, waist, hip, leg and foot, is designed according to the ergonomic principle and closely adheres to the body’s curves, meridians, and acupoints. It is applied to massage and is effective in relieving pain by relaxing muscles and circulation blood

High frequency vibration

Vibration affects more of the body’s tissue cells and digestive system. Vibration activates the rhythm of the cell, the potential of the cell and improves the function of the application. In addition, it induces the secretion of hormones to remove excess free radicals, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, the function of the intestines, which has excellent anti-aging effects.

Hip Massage

The hips are closely related to human physiology, reproductive function, prostate, and excretion functions of urine and feces. The hip massage regulates the flow of the body's essence and blood, and promotes the balance and harmony of the human network that controls the negative energy of the body and the governor vessel that controls the positive energy, thereby reducing the stagnation of blood veins that cause various diseases.
  • Product name

    Stretching & Chiropractic Strengthening Chair (C-R018)

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  • Manufacturer

    CBH Co,, Ltd. / China OEM

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Thermal Function
Promote blood circulation through heat in entire of the back and lower back
Stretching aid handle
Color-coded handles to help stretch and easily identify the user’s status of health
Voice Guidance
Easy-to-follow voice guidance system for first time users
Anti-vibration system
Absorb shocks generated during operation with built-in springs and anti-vibration device
Anti-skid pad
Equipped with wheels to help move and pads to prevent sliding after installation
Luxurious Design
Luxurious design with carbon pattern applied

Cardiovascular exercise

Achieve similar effects to 3-5km aerobic exercise with one use

Heat Effect

Improving blood circulation through the thermal effect on the back and feet

Induction of hormone secretion, anti-aging

It can slow aging by inducing hormone secretion through high-frequency vibration