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2023 Spring conference of Korean Pain Society
  • 2023-06-05 14:01
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본문 내용

The 2023 Spring Conference of the Korean Pain Society was held on the 5th floor of the Busan Port International Exhibition and Convention Center (BPEX)

for two days from May 20 (Sat) to May 21 (Sun).


Under the motto of Free from Pain, Free with Pain, the conference was held to help everyone lead the precious freedom of daily life without pain 

and many professors and related workers from all over the country participated first time after COVID-19 pandemic.


In particular, Professor Steven Paul Cohen and Professor Daniel Chiung Jui Su of Taiwan, as well as many professors in Korea who work in the pain care field, 

showed a new methodology for pain treatment from a nociplastic pain and regenerative medicine perspective.





CBH Inc. installed one booth in Hall B of the exhibition hall on the 5th floor to greet visitors, 

and many doctors and professors who are striving to fight pain visited and showed interest.


In this exhibition, CXR-704 equipment with the carbon table top was introduced and we showed how to operate four motions on the spot 

and received a lot of positive responses.





By participating in the Spring Conference of the Korean Pain Society, 

we have accelerated the awareness of our equipment and the brand value, 

and we will continue to participate in famous domestic and foreign conferences and exhibitions to promote the excellence of CBH’s equipment.


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