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2023 The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists Spring Forum
  • 2023-04-12 16:00
  • 조회 346

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2023 The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists Spring Forum


With the motto of “We contribute to the improvement of human health through the best anesthesia, pain, and severe patient care”






CBH Co., Ltd. has participated in the 2023 Korean Anesthetic Spring Forum held at the Grand Ballroom of 

the DCC Daejeon Convention Center 1st Exhibition Hall, sponsored by the Daejeon Tourism Organization, 

for two days from March 24th (Fri) to 25th (Sat), 2023.






The Korean Society of Anesthetic is a representative medical society in the nation with 68 years of history and tradition, 

and it is a medical society that produces more than 200 anesthetic medical personnel every year.


In this meeting with members of the anesthesiology who are devoted to patient care, education, and research, 

we introduced our CXR-704 and received positive responses by interacting with many medical staff in the domestic anesthesia community.



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