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MEDICA 2022 Trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 2023-04-04 09:51
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MEDICA 2022 Trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany

CBH. Inc., participated in MEDICA 2022 Trade Fair in Nov 14~17, Dusseldorf, Germany.

MEDICA is one of the biggest Medical trade fair leading international medical equipment market over 50years since 1963, being held in Dusseldorf every year. 

This year the exhibition was held in Messe Exhibition center with 4,528 participants from 66 countries from all around the world. 

81,000 guests visited the Fair, 75% visitors among them were from overseas boasting the exhibition indeed was an assembly area of Medical industry worldwide.

All 316 companies participated from Korea whichi was the fifth biggest and the second biggest in Asia after China.

MEDICA, which is attended by companies and buyers from all over the world in the medical device industry, 

has high technology and is a major exhibition that can promote new products of CBH with growth potential and become an opportunity to expand overseas.

We, CBH Inc., introduced CXR-70F and CXR-70S at the exclusive booth at MEDICA to expand overseas trading market 

and find overseas partners at the rehabilitation Hall (4K 46, 36).


CBH. Inc, has talked with buyers and distributors from entire Europe and Asia, showcased our equipment and lots of them have showed their interest, 

asking for estimates for further business.

CBH Inc will keep accelerating our sales activities for overseas market with newly acquired business parters from the exhibition.



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