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38th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment show
  • 2023-03-31 14:30
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38th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment show

CBH Co.,Inc. participated in the KIMES 2023, held at COEX in Seoul for 4 days from March 23 to March 26, 2023.


This year's exhibition was held on the first and the third floors of COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, for four days from March 23 to 26 

under the theme of [ Better Life, Better future], and more than 1,300 domestic and foreign companies participated in the exhibition.


This year, especially, CBH Co., Inc. situated a large stand, composed of 4 booths (12m * 3m) 

at the Inspection/Diagnosis Device, Medical Information System and Rehabilitation equipment Hall of C on the 3rd floor, 

introduced CXR-706 and CXR-70J.

An average of more than 200 guests from home and abroad visited our stand and the guests from hospitals and medical organizations nationwide.

In addition showcasing at our own stand, we had the chance to show the CXR-704 and CXR-70S, 

the two of our products respectively, introducing to visitors via the stands of our already-partners 

as we have actively interacted with companies specialize in the imaging diagnosis.




At 2023 KIMES, the largest medical device fair in Korea, we’ve welcomed visitors from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, South Africa, Australia, 

Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, we’ve actively discussed future export prospects. 

Through continuous and additional interchanges, we anticipate the possibilities of working closely with potential partners, 

yielding positive outcome and we expect our overseas export to expand in near future.


We, CBH Co., Ltd. will promote the excellence of our products and price competitiveness of our equipments 

through participations in future exhibitions held both domestic and overseas, and will accelerate our efforts to become a growing global business partner 

by establishing long-term growth plans with swift analysis of the global market.


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