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Florida International Medical Expo 2023
  • 2023-07-14 15:54
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Florida International Medical Expo 2023






Recently, we participated in Florida International Medical Expo 2023 (AKA, FIME) in Florida 

for three days from June 21 to 23.


FIME is the largest medical equipment and medical device exhibition with 150,000sq.ft in the southeast of the United States, 

held in Miami every June, and this year it was held at the Miami Exhibition Fair in front of Miami Beach.

It is an exhibition where many medical equiptment and devices industry-related partners participate in, 

to purchase and to do market research of overseas products not only from North America but also many Asian countries, European countries,

and especially South American countries.





In particular, more than 13,200 customers visited this year as COVID-19 entered the end of the pandemic, 

more than 1,150 companies from more than 100 countries around the world set up booths and participated, 

and we, CBH Inc. also set up booths at the Korean Pavilion to greet visitors.


We have received high attention by introducing the CXR-70S carbon imaging table to medical equipment companies and buyers from all over the world,

and we’ve worked hard to find overseas partners to expand. 

In particular, active discussions were exchanged with North and South American potential buyers, 

and it was a meaningful time to find out the needs and demands of potential overseas customers.






We, CBH Inc. will continue to participate in overseas medical device exhibitions to differentiate ourselves from competitors, 

promote the excellence of our products, and do our best to become a trust-worthy business partner.


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